Posted On: Apr 29, 2014

We are excited to announce that Amazon Simple Workflow (Amazon SWF) now publishes metrics through Amazon CloudWatch. You can now use Amazon SWF metrics to scale your worker fleets, troubleshoot problem areas, and intervene when processes get stuck.

Amazon SWF metrics are available starting today in all AWS regions.

Amazon SWF is a background job, task coordination and state management service for cloud and on-premise applications. It provides features that let you build and run reliable background jobs and other applications that need to track and manage state. With Amazon SWF, you can stop writing complex glue-code and state machinery and invest more in the business logic that makes your applications unique.

Amazon SWF metrics give you latency information to tell you how long steps in your workflows are taking and give you counts for key state changes in those workflows. Now, in addition to using CPU metrics to scale your worker fleets with Amazon Auto Scaling, you can use information about how long your workflow steps are taking to determine if your workers are falling behind and automatically add or reduce computing capacity. This helps you make sure your workflow applications can efficiently keep up with demand from your end-users.

For more information about Amazon SWF metrics, please read the blog post or review the Amazon SWF Documentation. You can learn more about Amazon SWF at the Amazon SWF product detail page.