Posted On: Mar 25, 2015

You can now launch C4 instances, the latest generation of Amazon EC2 Compute-optimized instances, in the EU (Frankfurt) AWS region. C4 instances are ideal for compute-bound workloads, such as high-traffic front-end fleets, MMO gaming, media processing, transcoding, and High Performance Computing (HPC) applications.

C4 instances are available in five sizes, offering up to 36 vCPUs. C4 instances are based on Intel Xeon E5-2666 v3 (codename Haswell) processors that run at a base frequency of 2.9 GHz, and can deliver clock speeds as high as 3.5 GHz with Intel ® Turbo Boost. Each C4 instance type is EBS-optimized by default and at no additional cost. This feature provides 500 Mbps to 4,000 Mbps of dedicated throughput to EBS above and beyond the general purpose network throughput provided to the instance. C4 instances also provide Enhanced Networking for higher packet per second (PPS) performance, lower network jitter, and lower network latencies.

To learn more about C4 instances, please visit the Amazon EC2 Instance Types page.