Posted On: Apr 6, 2015

Today, AWS Config and Logstorage, developed by Infoscience Corporation, Japan, is offering an integrated solution that allows AWS customers in Asia Pacific (Tokyo) region to capture their AWS Config data and manage them from a browser. Customers can create various complex searches, analyze statistics, set up alerts and reporting on AWS Config data. For example, customers can search which instances are using approved AMIs, or which security groups were recently updated. Customers also get a visual report of the configuration snapshot delivered by AWS Config. Lastly, customers can integrate their AWS Config information with AWS CloudTrail, giving them visibility into who initiated API calls, from what IP address, etc. to result in state captured by AWS Config. Logstorage is not limited to collecting AWS Config data but can also handle textual logs in any format (eg. AWS Cloudtrail, Amazon CloudWatch Logs).

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