Posted On: May 12, 2015

You can now scale Amazon EC2 instances managed by AWS OpsWorks using custom CloudWatch alarms, and you can now choose EBS block device settings for your instances.

You can already scale your load-based instances based on CPU utilization, memory utilization, or load. You can now set custom CloudWatch alarms as thresholds for scaling. For example, you can use ‘Disk Reads’ or ‘Network In’ as metrics to scale up or down your load-based instances. See the documentation for more details.

You can now choose between General Purpose (SSD) and Magnetic EBS volume types when creating an instance using the OpsWorks console. You can also specify your own custom block device mapping using our API to support all variations of EBS volume types and other characteristics such as mount points, size, and provisioned IOPS.  Custom block device mapping can also be leveraged to map additional local block devices available to certain instance types. See the documentation for more details.

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