Posted On: May 18, 2015

You can now use AWS OpsWorks with Amazon EC2 instances running Windows Server (2012 R2). OpsWorks is a service that helps you automate operational tasks like software installation and configuration, code deployment, and service discovery using Chef. OpsWorks gives you the flexibility to define your application architecture and resource configuration and handles the provisioning and management of your AWS resources for you. Click here to learn more about OpsWorks.

You can now use OpsWorks to deploy, manage, and scale your applications running on Windows Server. Previously, you would manually run commands or PowerShell scripts on each Windows Server in your fleet in order to install or update software packages and security patches. Now, you can use Chef recipes with OpsWorks to keep your servers up-to-date as well as react to lifecycle events such as running launch and shutdown scripts or adapting your application’s configurations. You can also use OpsWorks to easily grant users different permissions and access to your stack via RDP. OpsWorks for Windows Server supports Chef 12.2.

Read our Product Page to learn more and our Documentation to get started with AWS OpsWorks.