Posted On: Aug 3, 2015

We are excited to announce two new features for Amazon Redshift that make it easier to manage your clusters and expand query capabilities.

  1. Dynamic workload management (WLM). Update memory and concurrency WLM parameters on-the-fly, and the changes will immediately take effect without the need to reboot your cluster. Any other parameter changes beyond memory and concurrency will require a cluster reboot. To learn more, please see the WLM Dynamic Properties section of the documentation.
  2. New LISTAGG functions. Aggregate values from one or more columns across multiple rows or groups of rows into a single string using the LISTAGG function and LISTAGG window function. For example, you can use LISTAGG to return a comma-separated list of employee names for each department. Refer to the SQL reference of the developer guide for function syntax and examples.

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