Posted On: Sep 25, 2015

We are excited to announce that Amazon Glacier has received a third-party assessment that details how Amazon Glacier with Vault Lock can be used to meet the electronic books and records storage requirements of SEC Rule 17a-4(f). The assessment is provided by Cohasset Associates, Inc., a highly respected consulting firm with over 40 years of experience and knowledge related to the legal, technical, and operational issues related to records management.

Cohasset Associates evaluated Amazon Glacier with the Vault Lock compliance storage capability and concluded in the assessment that:

“It is Cohasset’s opinion that Glacier, when properly configured and utilized in conjunction with Vault Lock to store and retain records in non-erasable and non-rewriteable format, meets the relevant storage requirements of SEC Rule 17a-4(f) and CFTC Rule 1.31(b)-(c).”

If your organization is subject to the aforementioned SEC or CFTC regulations, you can include Cohasset Associates’ independent assessment of Amazon Glacier in your required compliance filings detailing your intended use of Amazon Glacier for regulatory compliance storage. You can download a copy of the full Cohasset Assessment and read the AWS blog to learn more.