Posted On: Oct 8, 2015

You can now use the Amazon EC2 Container Service CLI (Amazon ECS CLI) to simplify your local development experience as well as easily set up an Amazon ECS cluster and its associated resources (e.g., EC2 instance). The Amazon ECS CLI supports Docker Compose, an open-source tool for defining and running multi-container applications. You can use the same Compose definition used to define a multi-container application on your development machine as well as in production. The Amazon ECS CLI is open source and available for download here. Read more about the CLI in our documentation.

You can also select additional options for running your Docker containers (e.g., privileged, log drivers). Learn more about these options here. We have also added availability zone awareness to the Amazon ECS service scheduler. You can now use the service scheduler to spread tasks across availability zones maintaining balance and application availability. This new scheduling behavior happens automatically for all new tasks and there is no action required to start using it. Read more about Amazon ECS services in our documentation.

Read more about these new features on our blog. Please visit our product page for more information about Amazon EC2 Container Service.