Posted On: Nov 20, 2015

We are pleased to announce two new features for Amazon Redshift, making it easier for you to control access to your clusters and expanding query capabilities.

  • Ability to dynamically modify cluster accessibility setting. You can now modify your Amazon Redshift cluster at any time, to be accessible from the public Internet or from only within your private VPC. Simply select Modify within the cluster detail page, and select Yes or No for the Publicly Accessible configuration setting. Yes means that the cluster will have a public IP address that can be accessed from the Internet. No means that the cluster will have a private IP address that can only be accessed from within your VPC. For more details please see our documentation.
  • Sort order for NULL values. You can now specify whether NULL values should be ordered first, before non-NULL values, or last, after non-NULL values in your queries. To learn more, see the ORDER BY Clause section of the Amazon Redshift Developer Guide.

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