Posted On: Mar 16, 2016

We’re excited to announce two new Amazon S3 lifecycle management policies to help you reduce cost and optimize performance.

  • Incomplete multipart upload expiration policy – The multipart upload feature improves PUT performance by uploading parts of a large object in parallel. If a multipart upload is not completed, the partial upload does not appear when you list your objects by default, but does incur storage charges. Previously, you needed to manually cancel the multipart upload to remove partial uploads. Starting today, you can set a lifecycle policy to automatically expire incomplete multipart uploads after a predefined number of days. The policy applies to everything in a bucket, including existing partial uploads.
  • Expired object delete markers expiration policy – The S3 bucket versioning feature helps you recover from unintended user deletes or application logic failures. When you delete a versioned object, a delete marker becomes the current version of the object and the original is retained as the previous version. While you are not charged for storing delete markers, removing expired markers can improve performance for list requests on your bucket. With this launch, you can now set a lifecycle policy to automatically remove the current version delete marker when previous versions of the object no longer exist.

To learn more, please visit the AWS blog