Posted On: Apr 4, 2016

Today we are excited to announce two new predefined commands for EC2 Run Command for your Windows instances. To learn more about how to use these new commands, please visit the user guide.

  • On-demand patching: Using these commands, you will be able to scan to find out which updates are missing, and then install specific or all missing updates.
  • Collecting inventory information: The inventory command lets you collect on-instance information such as operation system related details, installed programs, and installed Windows Updates.

We are also making the EC2 Run Command Linux agent available as open source. The source code for the Amazon SSM Agent is available on GitHub. We encourage you to submit pull requests for changes that you would like to have included.

We launched EC2 Run Command in October 2015 to provide a simple way of automating common administrative tasks like installing software or patches, running shell commands, performing operating system changes and more. Run Command allows you to execute commands at scale and provides visibility into the results, making it easy to manage your instances.

To get learn more, please visit the EC2 Run Command webpage and the user guide for Linux and Windows.