Posted On: Jul 28, 2016

Today, we are enhancing the AWS Application Discovery Service to collect information about on-premises VMware environments without requiring on-host agent installation, making it easier and faster for enterprises to assess their environment. 

Planning data center migrations can involve thousands of applications and servers that are often deeply interdependent. Application discovery is an important first step in the migration process, but can be difficult to perform at scale due to the lack of automated tools. Earlier this year, we released the AWS Application Discovery Service, to help customers streamline the migration planning process by identifying application inventory and interdependencies between applications automatically. 

With the support for agentless discovery, customers can use the AWS Application Discovery Service to collect application portfolio information without deploying an agent on each host. Without the constraint of deploying on-host agents, customers can now capture VM inventory, system performance and resource utilization of the applications to help customers plan the right resource size across a much broader set of operating systems. Customers, who need to determine additional information such as network dependencies for their environments, can continue to use AWS Application Discovery in the agent-based mode. 

For more information, please read AWS Application Discovery or Documentation