Posted On: Oct 18, 2016

You can now record configuration changes to your S3 buckets with AWS Config. The detailed bucket configuration recorded by AWS Config includes the bucket policy, Access Control List (ACL), lifecycle configuration, Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) configuration and more. Review our documentation to get a full list of bucket attributes recorded by AWS Config. AWS Config provides a complete history of configuration changes for your bucket. With AWS Config, you can dive deep into how your bucket was configured at any point in time. For example, you can use the configuration history provided by AWS Config to determine how your bucket’s policy or ACL changed over time. 

Additionally, two new managed Config rules enable you to check whether your S3 buckets have logging and versioning enabled. Visit the AWS Config Console or use the AWS SDKs or CLI to create these rules and check whether your buckets comply. 

AWS Config continuously records configurations changes to resources in your AWS account and notifies you of these changes through Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS). You can use Config rules to check compliance of these resources with the policies you specify. Visit our Product Page for more information about AWS Config.