Posted On: Nov 18, 2016

You can now access your Amazon WorkSpaces through Chrome and Firefox web browsers, using a new feature called Amazon WorkSpaces Web Access. Web Access establishes a secure connection to your Amazon WorkSpace from the browser, giving you safe access to your cloud desktop from almost anywhere you can connect to the public internet, all without having to install a client.

As an IT administrator, you can use the AWS Management Console to enable or disable the ability to use Web Access to your Amazon WorkSpaces. Web Access supports recent versions of Chrome and Firefox browsers running on Windows, Max OS X, and Linux operating systems, and it’s available in all regions where you can provision Amazon WorkSpaces. All new Amazon WorkSpaces will come with Web Access. Web Access for existing Amazon WorkSpaces will be enabled after a rebuild. If you use custom images, you need to refresh them, then rebuild your Amazon WorkSpaces to use Web Access. Accessing your Amazon WorkSpaces using Web Access does not incur any additional charges.

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