Posted On: Nov 22, 2016

AWS CloudFormation now publishes a machine-readable specification of the AWS resources and properties it supports. The CloudFormation resource specification file is a JSON-formatted text file that can aid you in template authoring and validation. Visit here to learn more. 

You can now also get the list of stacks that are importing an exported output value using the ListImports API or the AWS CLI. Learn more in the documentation

CloudFormation has also introduced the following resource coverage updates:
AWS OpsWorks updates

o Configure SSH access for users to access instances within a stack
o Register an Amazon Elastic Block Store volume with a stack
o Associate databases with an OpsWorks application
o Create an instance for a stack using new properties for BlockDeviceMappings, AgentVersion, ElasticIps, Hostname, Tenancy, and Volumes
o Create a layer using new properties for CustomJson and VolumeConfigurations
o Create a stack using new properties for ElasticIps, EcsClusterArn, RdsDbInstances, CloneAppIds, ClonePermissions, and SourceStackId

Amazon Relational Database Service

o Indicate whether to copy all user-defined tags from the DB instance to snapshots of the DB instance

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