Posted On: Nov 9, 2016

Today we are announcing three new features for AWS Mobile Hub that simplify developing secure mobile apps on AWS.

We have enhanced the Cloud Logic feature to make it easy to provision a serverless app backend using Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda. Previously, you could use Mobile Hub to integrate existing Lambda functions with your mobile app. Now, with the enhanced Cloud Logic feature, you can create new Lambda functions, as well as API Gateway endpoints you invoke from your mobile apps. You can also test the APIs in your project and setup the permissions your Lambda function needs to connect to software resources, like business applications or databases, behind a VPC. You can also import existing API Gateway endpoints into the Cloud Logic feature and integrate them into your app using the Quick Start app or Mobile SDK; both are custom-generated to match your APIs. Read the blog to learn more about enhanced Cloud Logic features in Mobile Hub. 

We now support two new User Sign-in options to help you authenticate your app users and provide secure access to AWS resources. The Email and Password option lets you provision a fully managed user directory for your app in Amazon Cognito. The SAML option enables your app to authenticate app users using existing credentials in SAML enabled identity providers like Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS).  Mobile Hub also provides ready to use app sign-up/sign-in and password recovery process flows that you can add to your app, and configures access control policies in AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). This saves you the effort of provisioning security policies for your resources such DynamoDB tables and associating those with Cognito. Read the blog to learn more about new user authentication features in Mobile Hub. 

To learn more about AWS Mobile Hub please visit the AWS Mobile Hub Website