Posted On: Dec 1, 2016

Amazon API Gateway now integrates with the AWS Marketplace to help API owners monetize their API and meter usage for their API products, without writing any code. 

Previously, sellers who wanted to sell API products in AWS Marketplace wrote custom code to aggregate usage for each API key, and sent hourly metering records to AWS Marketplace Metering Service. Now, any API built using API Gateway can easily be published on the AWS marketplace using the API Gateway console, AWS CLI, or AWS SDK. API Gateway will automatically and accurately meter API consumption for any such API published to the AWS marketplace and send it to the AWS Marketplace Metering Service, enabling sellers to focus on adding value to their API products rather than building integrations with AWS Marketplace. 

At launch, F-Secure and NTT DoCoMo have leveraged this capability to offer their APIs in AWS Marketplace. Visit the AWS Marketplace to see all the available API products.

For more information, see Selling Your API through AWS Marketplace