Posted On: Dec 1, 2016

You can now configure a dead letter queue (DLQ) on AWS Lambda to give you more control over message handling for all asynchronous invocations, including those delivered via AWS events (S3, SNS, IoT, etc). You can setup a DLQ by configuring the 'DeadLetterConfig' property when creating or updating your Lambda function. You can provide an SQS queue or an SNS topic as the 'TargetArn' for your DLQ, and AWS Lambda will write the event object invoking the Lambda function to this endpoint after the standard retry policy (2 additional retries on failure) is exhausted. 

You can learn more about setting up a DLQ on AWS Lambda for asynchronous invocations in our documentation. Please visit our product page for more information about AWS Lambda or log in to the AWS Lambda console to get started.