Posted On: Dec 1, 2016

You can now add documentation to your methods and resources for your APIs built using Amazon API Gateway, making it easy for your API consumers to understand your API. You can add documentation for your API directly using the API Gateway console, CLI, and SDK, or simply specify it using documentation tags within the Swagger definition for the API. You can also reuse documentation across common aspects of your API. For example, you can author standard error documentation just one time, and use it in multiple API responses as without duplicating the actual content, making it faster to document your APIs and eliminating “copy-paste” errors that can arise with duplicated strings. Once your documentation is published as part of an API stage, you can export it using the Swagger export feature and make it available in your developer portal. 

API Gateway provides you with independent workflows for API definition and API documentation. This enables API developers and technical writers to work in parallel and import their Swagger separately using the console, CLI, and SDK. 

For more information, see Documenting an API Gateway API