Posted On: Dec 1, 2016

Lambda@Edge, now in Preview, allows you to write functions deployed to the AWS network of Edge locations in response to CloudFront. This new feature allows you to customize or personalize content for your end users close to where they’re located, minimizing network latency. For instance, you can modify HTTP headers to personalize your application for each user, implement custom authentication or encryption logic right at the edge, detect and group users by device, support legacy devices by reformatting content on the viewer response, and much more.

Lambda@Edge is integrated with Amazon CloudFront and uses CloudFront events as triggers to execute functions automatically at AWS’s edge locations, without the need for you to run or manage servers. Just write and upload your Node.js function using the Lambda console and select your CloudFront trigger event. Lambda@Edge will take care of distributing your function to the edge locations closest to your end users. Just as with Lambda today, you pay a fee each time your function executes and for the compute time you consume - there is no charge when your function is not running.

For more information on Lambda@Edge click here. For additional details and service limits, see the CloudFront Developer Guide. To sign-up for the public preview click here.