Posted On: Dec 15, 2016

You can now use RIs (Reserved Instances) that apply discounts regionally and purchase Convertible RIs in the AWS GovCloud (US) region.

With the RI regional benefit, customers can choose to waive the RI capacity reservation, run their instance in any Availability Zone (AZ) in the region, and have their RI discount automatically applied. This means that customers no longer have to worry about launching their instances in the right AZ to match their RIs, but can focus more on the needs of their application. The regional benefit is available for all RIs and is offered at no additional cost.

Convertible RIs provide customers with additional RI flexibility for a significant discount (~45% on average). With Convertible RIs, customers have the option to change the instance family, OS, or tenancy associated with their RI at any time. Via the EC2 Console or APIs, customers simply indicate what change they want to make, and the change is made as long as the exchange is for an equal or greater spend on the new Convertible Reserved Instances.

Visit the AWS blog or the EC2 Reserved Instances page to learn more.