Amazon RDS for Oracle Supports Outbound Network Access Using Custom DNS Servers

Posted on: Jan 26, 2017

In December 2016 we added support for Outbound Network Access from Amazon RDS for Oracle instances. This change enabled your database to communicate with external servers and send emails using the utl_smtp package. Name resolution during outbound network access always used Amazon’s DNS service in your VPC. Today we are adding support for custom DNS servers.

You can configure a custom DNS Server in the DHCP Options Set for the Amazon VPC that has your RDS instance. For more information, see DHCP Options Sets in the Amazon VPC documentation, and DHCP Options Set in the AWS Directory Service documentation.

Please note: If you have custom DNS configured for your VPC, the RDS instance will use it for all name resolution initiated by the instance. If your custom DNS server is unreachable or does not provide resolution for addresses used by your application, outbound network activity will fail. The DNS server must be reachable by instances in the VPC and capable of resolving DNS names used in outbound network traffic.

Your Oracle database instance needs to be in a VPC to be able to use this new feature. To move your non-VPC RDS databases to VPC, follow the instructions in the documentation.

For more information, please visit the documentation page.