Posted On: Jan 17, 2017

You can now use the AWS CloudFormation console to list stacks that are importing output values from another stack. Output values are used in cross-stack references, which let you import and export values between stacks without the need for hard-coding resource IDs in stack templates or passing input parameters. Visit here to learn more.

You can now also use a new intrinsic function, Fn::Split, to split a string into a list of values. For example, you can use the Split function to split a single imported string of subnets exported by a network stack into a list of subnets that can be used by a load balancer. Visit here to learn more.  

CloudFormation has also updated support for several existing resources:

• Auto Scaling updates
    o Change load balancers associated with an AutoScaling group without replacement.

• Amazon EC2 Container Service updates
    o Specify a Memory Reservation property to keep the container memory within the specified limit when there is contention.
    o Specify a Network Mode such as bridge or host for the containers in the task.

• Amazon Relational Database Service updates
    o Set a TimeZone property for your Database Instance to match your application.
    o Update the Tags of your Database Cluster.

• AWS OpsWorks Stacks updates
    o Retrieve the public IP associated with an OpsWorks instance with GetAtt function.  

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