Posted On: Feb 27, 2017

AWS Organizations offers policy-based management for multiple AWS accounts and is now generally available for all customers. With Organizations, you can create groups of accounts and then apply policies to those groups. Organizations enables you to centrally manage policies across multiple accounts, without requiring custom scripts and manual processes.

Using AWS Organizations, you can create Service Control Policies (SCPs) that centrally control AWS service use across multiple AWS accounts. You can also use Organizations to help automate the creation of new accounts through APIs. Organizations helps simplify the billing for multiple accounts by enabling you to setup a single payment method for all the accounts in your organization through consolidated billing.

AWS Organizations is available at no additional charge and in all AWS regions except China (Beijing) and AWS GovCloud (US). The service endpoint for Organizations is located in US East (N. Virginia), but SCPs apply to all available regions. Visit the Organizations product page to learn more about Organizations and sign up for free today.