Posted On: Mar 10, 2017

Amazon WorkDocs now offers additional commenting and feedback capabilities, enabling richer and more meaningful collaboration and making it easier for users to centrally organize feedback in one place.

WorkDocs is a simple and secure service which you can use to manage all your files. With WorkDocs, you can easily annotate content, allowing you to provide feedback on files and documents directly through the app or web client. You can leave comments, reply to comments, send comments privately, and format comments for emphasis. You can also mark documents as final to prevent further commenting. Starting today, you can also notify specific contributors about relevant feedback by tagging the comment with their email address, and you can provide conversation-style overall feedback on documents as well.

In addition to commenting and feedback enhancements, it’s now easier to request access and to share content. Instead of sending an email, users can now request access to content directly from Amazon WorkDocs. Content owners can respond and grant access in a single easy step.

These new capabilities are available today on the web client, iOS and Android, in all AWS regions where WorkDocs is offered. To learn more, or to try the service, please visit Amazon WorkDocs.