Posted On: Apr 21, 2017

Amazon AppStream 2.0 now allows you to enable Internet access for your image builder and fleet instances without the need for advanced network configuration. Providing Internet access to your instances allows your applications to access online resources such as application updates and licensing services, and your users to access documents, tutorials, and other information from the Internet.

Previously, to enable Internet access for your instances, you needed to create a Network Address Translation (NAT) gateway within a public subnet in your Amazon VPC, and configure traffic routing rules. With this update, you can enable Internet access by simply marking the image builder or fleet instances for default Internet access, selecting a VPC with at least one public subnet (typically your default VPC), and choosing the public subnet to use. You can do this directly in the AppStream 2.0 console, or through the AWS SDK. For more information, see Network Settings for Fleet and Image Builder Instances.

Simplified Internet configuration is available today in all AWS regions where AppStream 2.0 is offered. There is no additional charge for configuring Internet access using this feature; however, standard data transfer rates still apply. For more information, see Data Transfer pricing.

If you are new to AppStream 2.0, you can try already-installed applications by visiting the AppStream 2.0 website.