Posted On: May 15, 2017

Today we are announcing the general availability of the new Amazon S3 console to all users in all regions. The new Amazon S3 console provides a new user interface, a streamlined user experience, and introduces user interface support for two new S3 features – object-level tagging and storage analytics. Many S3 users having been experiencing the new Amazon S3 console by opting-in as part of our original launch of the new Amazon S3 console at re:invent 2016. Now all S3 users get this experience without any additional work. 

The new Amazon S3 console makes information about your buckets and objects more readily accessible and provides a revamped summary of your bucket and object properties in an overview panel. You can use the new property pages that list properties in a compact card format, allowing you to see the status of any property click-free. You can now search for buckets using keywords and you can also copy bucket properties from existing buckets while creating new buckets. 

The Amazon S3 console enhances safety for operations on objects such as delete, cut/copy and paste, change storage class, change encryption, or make public, by showing the number of objects that would be affected before you initiate that operation. The object operation status is now reported in a progress bar, visible at the bottom of the console, so that you can keep track of changes to objects that might take time to execute. You can click on any operation in the progress bar to show more details about the ongoing operation, allowing deep dive into the status or diagnostics on progress.  

You can access the new Amazon S3 console here. You can learn more about the new Amazon S3 console here and watch a brief video here