AWS CodeDeploy Now Integrates With Elastic Load Balancing

Posted on: May 1, 2017

AWS CodeDeploy now integrates with Elastic Load Balancing and provides greater control on managing your deployments across EC2 instances.

You can now specify a load balancer for performing in-place deployments with AWS CodeDeploy. Elastic Load Balancing distributes incoming application traffic across multiple EC2 instances, in multiple Availability Zones. This increases the fault tolerance of your applications. The new load balancer support for in-place deployments allows AWS CodeDeploy to prevent internet traffic from being routed to instances that are currently being deployed to. When you use an Elastic Load Balancing load balancer with an in-place deployment, instances in a deployment group are taken offline, updated with the latest application revision, and then placed back online. Additionally, the ability to use CodeDeploy’s traffic-related deployment lifecycle hooks is also available with this release. You can now take custom actions before and after CodeDeploy takes instances offline or brings them back online.

To learn more about the integration, please visit here. For more information about CodeDeploy:
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