Posted On: Jun 1, 2017

The AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) has introduced AWS X-Ray support. You can now configure the X-Ray tracing mode for your Lambda functions within your SAM template. X-Ray helps you analyze and debug distributed applications. With X-Ray, you can identify the root cause of performance issues and errors in your Lambda functions. Learn more in our documentation.

AWS SAM extends AWS CloudFormation to provide a simplified syntax for defining the Amazon API Gateway APIs, AWS Lambda functions, and Amazon DynamoDB tables needed by your serverless application. It is available under Apache 2.0. 

This feature is now available in US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (N. California), US West (Oregon), EU (Frankfurt), EU (Ireland), EU (London), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo). To learn more about SAM, visit the specification and examples pages on GitHub. Visit our documentation to learn more about deploying serverless applications with SAM.