Posted On: Jun 1, 2017

Your analytics and search applications can now benefit from support for Elasticsearch 5.3 and Kibana 5.3 in Amazon Elasticsearch Service. Elasticsearch is a popular search and analytics engine for log analytics, full text search, application monitoring, and more. Amazon Elasticsearch Service delivers Elasticsearch’s easy-to-use APIs and real-time capabilities along with the availability, scalability, and security required by production workloads. 

When creating an Amazon Elasticsearch Service domain, you can now select Elasticsearch version 5.3. All Amazon Elasticsearch Service domains using Elasticsearch 5.3 are bundled with Kibana 5.3, the corresponding version of the open-source visualization tool. 

Elasticsearch 5.3 on Amazon Elasticsearch Service offers several enhancements over the Elasticsearch 5.1 stack including:

  • Search Improvements: Powered by Apache Lucene 6.4.2, Elasticsearch 5.3 offers a new unified highlighter which makes it easy for to see why a document matched the query, new numeric and date range types enable queries across continuous ranges, and the new field collapsing feature that allows for fast de-duplication of results.
  • Kibana 5.3 enhancements: New heatmap charts provides a new powerful way to visualize data in a matrix, and tops hits aggregation enables visualization of the most relevant documents being aggregated.
  • New Plugins: Added the Mapper SizeMapper Attachments and Ukranian Analysis plugins.
  • Curator Support: Enabled usage of the popular Curator utility to simplify index management tasks.

Elasticsearch 5.3 on Amazon Elasticsearch Service is now available in 14 regions globally: US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), US West (N. California), Canada (Central), South America (Sao Paulo), EU (Ireland), EU (London), EU (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Asia Pacific (Seoul), and Asia Pacific (Mumbai) regions. 

It’s easy to get started with Amazon Elasticsearch Service. For customers in the AWS Free Usage Tier, Amazon Elasticsearch Service provides free usage of up to 750 hours per month of a single-AZ t2.small.elasticsearch instance and 10 GB per month of optional EBS storage. Sign into the console to launch your Amazon Elasticsearch Service domain today.