Posted On: Jun 19, 2017

AWS Budgets lets you set custom AWS cost and usage budgets and receive notifications if your budget thresholds are breached. You can set budgets to monitor your total monthly costs or use the available filtering dimensions to track the costs associated with a specific linked account, usage associated with an AWS service, costs by one or more tagged groups, and more. Starting today, your linked accounts will also have access to AWS Budgets. 

Additionally, you can now use the new usage type and usage type group filtering dimensions to track your AWS costs and usage from an aggregate level down to the most basic unit at which AWS services are metered. Usage types give you fine-grain precision when defining cost and usage budgets, while usage type groups allow you to set budgets at an aggregate level by collecting specific categories of Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, and Amazon DynamoDB usage types into a single filter. For example, you can create a budget to track costs associated with a specific type of EC2 usage by selecting one or more usage types (e.g., “BoxUsage:c1.medium (Hrs)”), or set an aggregate budget tracking all costs associated with a usage type group (e.g., “EC2-Running Hours”).  

Learn more about Usage Types and Usage Type Groups here