Posted On: Jul 27, 2017

Amazon Inspector is excited to announce the launch of Assessment Events. Through an integration with Amazon CloudWatch Events, customers can now create events that automatically trigger Amazon Inspector assessments to run against your environments. Within Amazon CloudWatch Events, you can now create event rules that target your Amazon Inspector assessment templates. When that CloudWatch Event occurs, Amazon Inspector will automatically be notified to run the specified assessment. 

Amazon Inspector assessments can be triggered by any CloudWatch Event. You can set up a recurring Schedule event with either a simple fixed recurring rate or a more detailed Cron expression, or create an event pattern which monitors other AWS services for actions to trigger an assessment. For example, you can create an event which monitors AWS Auto Scaling for new EC2 Instances being launched, or monitors AWS CodeDeploy notifications for when a code deployment has been successfully completed. Once CloudWatch Events have been configured against Amazon Inspector templates, these assessment events will be displayed in the Inspector console as part of your assessment templates so you can see all of the automated triggers for that assessment.

For more information, visit the Amazon Inspector site. To get started, simply login to the Amazon Inspector Console and configure an assessment. Need more information? Check out our Quick Start guide and the Getting Started with Amazon Inspector webinar.