Posted On: Sep 14, 2017

Starting today, you can send events recorded in Amazon Aurora audit logs to CloudWatch Logs. Audit logs include events such as database logins, user information, details of queries executed, and impacted tables. With these events tracked in CloudWatch Logs, you can create CloudWatch Metrics and Alarms to continuously monitor activity in your Aurora database. For example, you can define metrics for DML (Data Manipulation Language) queries performed on critical tables, and set up alarms. These alarms can alert you whenever undesired changes are made to your tables. Additionally, you can create graphs and dashboards with CloudWatch to visualize activity in your database, detect patterns, and identify issues at a glance.

You can also perform ad hoc searches on your audit logs using CloudWatch Logs. This capability is especially useful when you want to troubleshoot issues or perform analysis on your audit logs. CloudWatch Logs provide a highly durable archival destination for your Aurora audit logs. You can choose how long your log data is retained in CloudWatch Logs by specifying a retention period.

Read the blog post to learn more. To start sending Aurora audit logs to CloudWatch Logs, visit the AWS management console or download the latest AWS SDK or CLI.