Posted On: Sep 15, 2017

Amazon RDS for Oracle now supports several additional Oracle Database features: Oracle Multimedia, Oracle Spatial, and Oracle Locator.

Oracle Multimedia offers capabilities to store, manage, and retrieve multimedia data, including images, audio and video, in Oracle Database Enterprise Edition via the MULTIMEDIA option. For more details, please refer to the documentation

Oracle Spatial offers capabilities to store, retrieve, and query multi-dimensional data in Oracle Database Enterprise Edition through the use of the SPATIAL option. To learn more, including prerequisites for running Oracle Spatial on RDS Oracle, please refer to the documentation

RDS Oracle also supports Oracle Locator, which offers a limited subset of Oracle Spatial features, on Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and all supported Standard Editions, using the LOCATOR option. You can find more details and supported versions in the documentation.

Amazon RDS for Oracle makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale Oracle Database deployments in the cloud. See Amazon RDS for Oracle Database Pricing for regional availability.