Posted On: Oct 18, 2017

AWS Marketplace customers can now subscribe to and purchase software solutions from popular software vendors, which contain multiple Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) from the same vendor. In addition, software vendors may now create listings that combine multiple server roles or product offerings into new predefined solutions that are specifically designed to improve security, availability or performance. Customers can then browse these new solution listings and subscribe to them with a single click. 

Many software vendors build products that require multiple server roles deployed in a single configuration, or offer multiple individual products that work together as integrated solutions. Support for multi-AMI solutions will now enable those vendors to list more sophisticated offerings in AWS Marketplace. Vendors such as Couchbase and AccessData have already created new solution listings that take advantage of this capability. 

You can now browse or search AWS Marketplace for solutions that are designed to work together and that can be purchased with a single subscription. A new website workflow will guide you through the process of procuring, configuring and launching each new solution, using one or more different fulfillment options that have been defined by the software vendor as AWS CloudFormation templates.

Software vendors wishing to list new multi-AMI solutions on AWS Marketplace should visit the AWS Marketplace Seller Management Portal to learn more.