Posted On: Nov 1, 2017

Amazon RDS for Oracle now supports Oracle Management Agent (OMA) for Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Cloud Control 13c1 and 13c2. OEM 13c offers web-based tools to monitor and manage your Oracle databases. Amazon RDS for Oracle installs OMA, which then communicates with your Oracle Management Service (OMS) to provide monitoring information.

To enable the Oracle Management Agent (OMA) for OEM 13c, navigate to "Option Groups" in the AWS Management Console and add the "OEM_AGENT" option to a new or existing option group and set AGENT_VERSION to “” or “”. You will also need to configure option settings including OMS hostname (or IP), port and agent registration password to allow OMA on your Amazon RDS for Oracle database instances to communicate with your existing Oracle Management Service (OMS) stack. To learn more about enabling OEM 13c, please refer to Amazon RDS for Oracle documentation.

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