Posted On: Nov 29, 2017

You can now use AWS IoT Analytics to cleanse, process, enrich, store, and analyze IoT data at scale. It is the easiest way to run analytics on IoT data and get insights that help you make better and more accurate decisions for IoT applications and machine learning use cases.  

AWS IoT Analytics includes data preparation capabilities that are designed specifically for common IoT use cases like predictive maintenance, asset usage patterns, and failure profiling. IoT Analytics captures data from devices connected to AWS IoT Core, and filters, transforms, and enriches it before storing it in a time-series database for analysis. You can set up the service to collect only the data you need from your devices, apply mathematical transforms to process the data, and enrich the data with device-specific metadata such as device type and location before storing the processed data. Then, you can use IoT Analytics to run ad hoc queries using the built-in SQL query engine, or perform more complex processing and analytics like statistical inference and time series analysis. 

AWS IoT Analytics is available in preview in US West (Portland), US East (N Virginia), and S East (Ohio) with more locations coming soon. 

To learn more about AWS IoT Analytics and to register for the preview, visit the product pages.