Posted On: Dec 28, 2017

Today, Amazon WorkSpaces is making two new features available. First, you can now configure how much storage your WorkSpaces get when you launch them, and increase the storage for a running WorkSpace at any time. Second, you can now change the hardware bundle that your WorkSpace is running on with a simple reboot. All of your applications, data, and storage stay the same, but now you can move to a more powerful bundle to support resource-intensive applications, or move to a less powerful bundle to save costs. With these features, Amazon WorkSpaces now provides additional flexibility to support the diverse needs of end users, while still helping you optimize your costs.  

With configurable storage, you can select your root and user volume starting sizes when you launch a new WorkSpace, and then increase these as needed, up to a limit of 1,000 GB. All data is preserved, and you can continue to use your WorkSpace while your volumes are increased in size. To ensure that your data is preserved, the volume sizes of either volume cannot be reduced after a WorkSpace is launched. To learn more about configurable storage, see Modify a WorkSpace.

With hardware bundle switching, you can switch between the Value, Standard, Performance, or Power hardware bundles as needed. You don’t need to delete your WorkSpace and create a new one, and your storage configuration is preserved even after you have configured storage using the configurable storage feature. To learn more about switching between hardware bundles, see Modify a WorkSpace.

These features are available today in all AWS Regions where Amazon WorkSpaces are offered. To get started, log in to the Amazon WorkSpaces management console.