Posted On: Dec 13, 2017

This new Quick Start automatically sets up an SAP environment on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud with SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA.  

SAP NetWeaver is a foundational component that provides a set of technologies for developing and running SAP applications. SAP products and applications such as SAP Business Suite, S/4HANA, SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW), and SAP BW/4HANA rely on SAP NetWeaver. This Quick Start deploys SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) for Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP), which supports the development of ABAP-based applications for SAP HANA databases. 

This Quick Start is integrated with the SAP HANA Quick Start, which is also available separately from the Quick Start website. The Quick Start deploys an SAP application tier, an SAP HANA database tier, and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and bastion hosts within a virtual private cloud (VPC) in your AWS account. The deployment includes a Primary Application Server (PAS) instance that provides SAP system utilities, and optional Additional Application Server (AAS) instances to scale out the SAP application tier.

The deployment is automated by AWS CloudFormation templates that you can customize during launch. You can also use the templates as a starting point for your own implementation, by downloading them from the GitHub repository. The Quick Start includes a guide with step-by-step deployment and configuration instructions.  

To get started with SAP NetWeaver on AWS, use these resources:

About Quick Starts
Quick Starts are automated reference deployments for key workloads on the AWS Cloud. Each Quick Start launches, configures, and runs the AWS compute, network, storage, and other services required to deploy a specific workload on AWS, using AWS best practices for security and availability.

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