Posted On: Feb 8, 2018

Starting today, you can migrate your existing application users to Amazon Cognito user pools more easily. User pools are managed user directories that can scale to hundreds of millions of users. Now, you can migrate users automatically the next time they log into your application while enabling users to continue using their existing passwords. 

When users sign in to your application, Amazon Cognito checks if the users already exist in your user pool. If not, Amazon Cognito enables you to call a custom AWS Lambda function using a built-in Lambda trigger and copy the users’ profile data from your existing application directory to your user pool. Using this Lambda function, you can customize the migration steps based on the requirements of your application. For example, you can look up additional information about users in external data sources and add this information to their user pools profiles.  

This feature is available today in all AWS Regions where Amazon Cognito is offered.

To learn more about Amazon Cognito and how to modernize your applications’ user directories, see Amazon Cognito.