Posted On: Apr 4, 2018

AWS Secrets Manager is a secrets management service that helps you protect access to your applications, services, and IT resources. This service enables you to easily rotate, manage, and retrieve database credentials, API keys, and other secrets throughout their lifecycle. Using Secrets Manager, you can secure, audit, and manage secrets used to access resources in the AWS Cloud, on third-party services, and on-premises.  

With AWS Secrets Manager, you can easily rotate secrets, such as database credentials, using built-in integration for Amazon RDS for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Amazon Aurora. Users and applications retrieve the latest version of secrets with a call to Secrets Manager APIs, eliminating the need to hardcode sensitive information in plain text. In addition, Secrets Manager enables you to control access to secrets using fine-grained permissions. Secrets Manager offers pay as you go pricing.

AWS Secrets Manager is available in US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (N. California), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Canada (Central), EU (Frankfurt), EU (Ireland), EU (London), and South America (São Paulo).

To learn more about Secrets Manager, visit AWS Secrets Manager.