Posted On: May 1, 2018

AWS Service Catalog, used by enterprises, system integrators, and managed service providers to organize, govern, and provision cloud resources on AWS, now allows customers to chain together the launch of multiple products. Customers gain the flexibility to compose products with smaller AWS CloudFormation templates as building blocks rather than creating a monolithic application stack template.

Administrators can chain together products during a launch. To do this, the initiating CloudFormation template will call the Service Catalog ProvisionProduct API as a CloudFormation resource, and reference the next product to launch. For example, administrators can create separate Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS products and then have the completed EC2 product initiate the creation of the RDS product. This allows for independently maintained and versioned products and simple orchestration of a combined product launch.

Learn more about AWS Service Catalog by visiting the product page.

For details on adding this feature to a CloudFormation template, please see CloudFormationProvisionedProduct.