Posted On: Jun 7, 2018

The Amazon Elastic Container Service Command Line Interface (Amazon ECS CLI) now supports the Docker Compose version 3 file format for deploying Docker containers to Amazon ECS.

Docker Compose is an open-source specification for defining and running multi-container application. The Amazon ECS CLI is a command line interface for Amazon ECS that provides high-level control to simplify creating, updating, and monitoring infrastructure and applications managed by Amazon ECS from a local development environment. Previously, you could not use files in the Docker Compose v3 format with the Amazon ECS CLI and had to convert Docker Compose files to Docker Compose v2 format.

Now, you can use Docker Compose files in any format (v1, v2, or v3) to deploy containers using the Amazon ECS CLI.

To learn more, visit the Amazon ECS CLI documentation.

Please visit the AWS region table to see all AWS regions where Amazon ECS is available.