Posted On: Jun 20, 2018

The AWS Cost & Usage Report contains the most granular set of AWS cost and usage data available, including metadata about AWS services, pricing, reservations, and more.

Starting today, you can customize your AWS Cost & Usage Report to automatically refresh when charges relating to previous months (e.g., refunds, credits, and AWS Support fees) are detected. To get started using this feature, simply access the Reports page within the AWS Billing Console, enable the data refresh setting for your individual report, and save your new report configuration. Once enabled, the data in your AWS Cost & Usage Report will automatically refresh when a charge is detected that relates to a previous month’s bill.

Please note that this preference will be enabled by default for all newly-created AWS Cost & Usage Reports.

To learn more about the AWS Cost & Usage Report, please refer to the AWS Cost & Usage Reporting webpage or the Understanding Your Usage with Billing Reports user guide.