Posted On: Jul 30, 2018

Starting today, you can add Amazon Lex bots from any region where Amazon Lex is available to any Amazon Connect instance. This means you can use Amazon Lex bots with your Amazon Connect instances in the EU (Frankfurt) and Asia Pacific (Sydney) AWS regions. Previously, you could only use Amazon Lex bots created in the same region as your Amazon Connect instance.

To get started, decide which of your current Amazon Lex bots you want to use with Amazon Connect, or create a new one from the Amazon Lex console. To assign these bots to your Amazon Connect contact center instance, first select the region where you created your Amazon Lex bots using the new Region drop-down list. Next, select the bot you wish to add to your instance and choose Add bot. After you add a bot to your contact center instance, you can call the bot from a contact flow to automate self-service interactions in your contact center. When you add the bot to your contact flow, the region from which the bot was added is displayed next to the name, making it easy to identify which bot to choose, even if you add bots with the same name from different regions. For more information, see the Configuring Your Instance in the Amazon Connect documentation.

To learn more about using Amazon Lex bots with Amazon Connect, visit Amazon Lex Chatbot. There are no additional Amazon Connect charges to use Amazon Lex bots in your contact flows, but you will be billed for Amazon Lex usage. You can find out more about Amazon Connect, a self-service, cloud contact center, by visiting the Amazon Connect website.