Posted On: Jul 5, 2018

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR) now supports setting lifecycle policy rules for all images, without requiring a tag value. This makes it easier to set rules to automate container image cleanup in your Amazon ECR repositories.

Previously, when creating a rule to filter tagged container images, you were required to specify a tag value. This made it difficult to select images that were automatically tagged with a computer generated value, a common situation for images pushed to Amazon ECR from a CI/CD pipeline.

Now, Amazon ECR allows you to select all images (tagged and untagged) in a single rule and filter on other image properties without needing to specify a tag value. You can enable this by adding a rule with tagStatus = "Any" for your Amazon ECR lifecycle policies.

See the Amazon ECR documentation to learn more about image lifecycle policies.

Please visit the AWS global region table to see the AWS regions where Amazon ECR is available.