Posted On: Jul 25, 2018

Amazon GuardDuty, a threat detection service, is now available in the AWS GovCloud (US) region. You can now continuously monitor and detect security threats in the AWS GovCloud (US) region to help protect your AWS accounts and workloads.

Available globally, Amazon GuardDuty continuously monitors for malicious or unauthorized behavior to help protect your AWS resources, including your AWS accounts and access keys. GuardDuty identifies unusual or unauthorized activity, like crypto-currency mining or infrastructure deployments in a region that has never been used. Powered by threat intelligence and machine learning anomaly detections, GuardDuty is continuously evolving to help you protect your AWS environment.

You can enable your 30-day free trial of Amazon GuardDuty in the AWS GovCloud (US) region with a single-click in the AWS Management console. Please see the AWS Regions page for all the regions where GuardDuty is available. To learn more, see Amazon GuardDuty Findings and to start your 30-day free trial, see Amazon GuardDuty Free Trial.