Posted On: Aug 16, 2018

AWS Systems Manager now supports new insights, giving you greater visibility into the inventory state of instances that you manage.

Previously, in order to detect managed instances that are not collecting one or more types of inventory, you had to use Resource Data Sync, write custom scripts, or create your own visuals or dashboards. Now, through built-in insights you can quickly see how many instances are and are not collecting inventory. You can also get the number of instances where a particular type of inventory is enabled. If any instances are not collecting inventory, you can enable inventory collection from the dashboard with 1-click. In addition to the dashboard widgets, you can get the insights using CLI and API. These new capabilities help you set inventory collection as a compliance policy for your fleet of managed instances and reliably detect, measure, and remediate in case of non-compliance. 

You can get started with the new capabilities from AWS Systems Manager console by navigating to “Insights” and “Inventory” in the left navigation or by using AWS CLI or API. The insights are available in all AWS Regions where AWS Systems Manager is offered. For more details about this capability visit our documentation. To learn more about AWS Systems Manager, visit our Product Page