Posted On: Aug 28, 2018

AWS Systems Manager, which provides a unified user interface and allows you to automate operational tasks across your AWS resources, now supports calling a broad range of AWS APIs in your Systems Manager Automation workflows. You can author workflows using three new AWS API Actions – Execute, Assert, and Wait, while utilizing the benefits of Automation service such as safe at-scale operation with approvals.

Previously, you had to write custom scripts to perform resource changes within the Automation service. Now, you can make API calls to individual AWS services using the three new actions. For example, you can automate securing your S3 buckets by calling the Execute Action to encrypt the buckets and another Execute Action to ensure they are private. Additionally, if you have a workflow to start an EC2 instance, you can wait for it to become active, and then store instance ID as a Systems Manager Parameter. The new AWS API actions capability is available in all AWS Regions.

For more details about this feature, visit our Documentation. You can read about the available AWS managed runbooks using the new feature here. To learn more about AWS Systems Manager Automation, visit our Product Page. You can read the Partner Blog and Support Blog for examples on how to use the API Actions.