Posted On: Aug 22, 2018

Amazon Chime call me is a new audio feature that makes it more convenient for you to join Chime meetings by phone. Whether you’re working from home or on the go from any device, you can simply enter your telephone number into the Chime web application, and Chime will call you and add you to the meeting. With the call me feature, you can join your meetings on time, even if you need to join from a telephone and not using the Chime application. Chime also remembers the last number you entered, so you won’t need to re-enter it for future meetings.

To use the call me feature, your Chime administrator must first enable it in the Amazon Chime console. Once enabled, you simply click on the meeting URL provided in the meeting invite to launch the Chime web application in the browser. You then select the Call me at a phone number option, enter in a phone number, and click Dial. Your Amazon Chime meeting will call you, and after you've confirmed the call by pressing the number 5, you'll be automatically added to the meeting. Amazon Chime call me supports phone numbers in over 40 countries. All calls are initiated from the US and are billed to the organizer’s Chime account, in 6 second increments, based on the country of the called number. To see the full list of rates, please visit the Amazon Chime call me rates page. To learn more about the Amazon Chime call me feature, please visit the Amazon Chime Documentation page.

Amazon Chime is a secure, real-time, communications service that simplifies video conferencing, online meetings, calls, and chat. With Chime, there are no upfront payments, and there is no infrastructure to deploy. You can try Chime for free for 30 days by visiting the Amazon Chime trial page.